Dave Duncan interview

CB. What up Duncan glad to see you as always!

DD. Rad times!

CB. Let’s hit the basics, When did you start pushing and who was your early influences?

DD. I picked up my first board in 1969 when I was 7 yrs old, 48 years and still pushing! As a teenager I was influenced by Tony Alva and Jay Adams and the other radical skaters from the 70s. In the 80s it was Christian Hosoi high flying style and personality. Also Tony Hawk, Neil Blender, Lance Mountain and the other pool and Vertical ramp rippers were progressing fast. Also the 80s street skaters, Mark Gonzalez and Tommy Guerrero, Natas and Jesse Martinez. In the 90s it was many street skaters and Danny Way, Colin McKay and Bob Burnquist who were progressive. Look at the history of the Mega Ramp! Truly amazing and inspiring!

CB. In almost 5 decades of skateboarding what have you seen as the most inovative aspects to skating?

DD. The most important changes have been riding steel wheels as a toy, to clay wheels and the most important change was the URETHANE WHEELS in 1974! Which leads to the 2nd change which is the type of TERRAIN you can skate. In the 70s we skated places that were not created to skate on. Streets spots, school yards, drainage ditches and pools, which led to skateboard parks. Once the skateparks closed because of expensive insurance, in the early 80s we started building very ramps, mini ramps and street obstacles. Which has evolved into thousands of skateboard parks worldwide and events with Mega Ramps and crazier designs. The 3rd change is the PERSONALITIES that have become part of our wild world of skateboarding! Think of the decades of legendary pros and the creativity everyone from all over the planet that has influenced our lifestyle! The videos and the Internet that had connected our wonderful world. Also everyone involved in worldwide events and also the music that influences us. These amazing and creative PERSONALITIES are what make our skateboarding world so unique!

CB. That’s perfect! What’s your thoughts on the Olympics jumping in on our lifestyle?

DD.Skateboarding has always enjoyed worldwide recognition without the Olympics. We don’t need them to enjoy our lifestyle. I am truly amazed of the positive changes have happened in just the last 30 years. Videos, Events, the Internet and the thousands of new skateboard parks have all helped skateboarding grow in a positive way all over the world. I have heard a few years ago that some rollerskate organizers were trying to get it to the Olympics. So some industry people decided that it would be best to organize it so that Skateboard people are involved, Not rollerskating people. I’m sure that with the Olympics angle that more people will accept skateboarding and since we have always been progressing in this direction, why not? As long as skateboarders are having fun and more kids worldwide enjoy it then why not? The Olympics are trying to reach a younger and more hip audience for TV ratings. Even in the 70s Skateboarding was so cool that’s it’s some ways it’s always attracted big business. Look at how Nike and RedBull have gotten involved recently. It’s great that some Pro skaters get the big sponsor money so some of them can live like Rockstars! They deserve it!

CB. If they asked you to be a judge….. would you take it?

DD. When I grew up there was only 3 TV channels so our entire family watched every night of the Olympics. It’s a tradition going back hundreds of years! The snowboarders boycotted the Olympics in 1998 in Japan because it was organized by skiers and losing the soul of the lifestyle. When it came to the USA in 2002 the snowboarding world embraced the event and I was proud to be hired as the halfpipe announcer. In Torino in 2006 I announced all snowboarding events for 3 weeks, including Shaun White Gold medal Superpipe runs. Definitely a highlight in my career. So Yes, I would love to be a judge or be involved to help make the skateboarding events a success.

CB. Lets take it back a few years, Many don’t know about Daggers and Thrashin’ the movie. Wanna fill the new generation in on it?

DD. In 1985 our crew was in a Hollywood movie called Thrashin’! Daggers were a skate crew in the movie. Alva was a consultant and our look was similar to the Alva crew at the time. Hardcore skaters. We all had a blast filming the movie. We kept skating hard for decades and kind of forgot about the movie. Years later in 2000 I was judging a WCS comp in Brazil with Eddie Reategui. We were asked to autograph the legendary Alva poster from 1988. This hardcore skater said to us you are Daggers!!! So Ed went home and found an original board he had saved from the movie and made a stencil and we started tagging our boards and denim vests. And many pros were stoked to be part of the Daggers crew. Now it’s become a big part of history for hardcore skaters. We are still making top quality Dagger decks, wheels, tees and accessories.

CB. Weren’t you running a company called Focus Manufacturing at one time too?

DD. When I turned pro for Alva in 1987 I was also offered the job of team manager. This was a great learning experience being in the office 12 days a month and traveling for events and demos and sessions on the other days. This experience led me to a partnership in 1993 to help my good friends Christian Hosoi, Eddie Reategui and Chicken the artist at Focus. We manufactured skateboards, snowboards and clothing. It was fun for a few years but I started getting opportunities to travel world wide for events as skateboarding grew in the late 90s.

CB. Dave I know you got to get up there and get this Basic Bowl running! Thanks for taking a few minutes and answer a few questions. Time for a Pabst!!

DD. Cory you know I always got you and thank you for coming and supporting the kids. I got some beer for you (laughs).

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