AltGirl – Nymphae

Definitely one of the funner shoots I have seen in awhile…. Rebel, Rebel!

Full Name: Ellie Charnley

Age: 20

Hometown: Oxford

Brief Description: Tattoo and cat addict, what’s more to say 😉

Tattoos and Piercings: Hell yes! Need more ink on me 👌🏻

Tattoo’s where and why? Anywhere apart from face, front of neck and hands (for now due to job opportunities). Love my ink though, so anywhere else is a go go go ❤

Favorite Music? Hard to pick, I love way too much! Not keen on jazz or classical though!

Favorite Movie? I don’t really have a favourite 😩

First concert? Evanescence and The Pretty Reckless

Ideal Night Out? London! A Japanese meal (love my Japanese food) then drinks with the girls ❤

Ideal Night In? Movies and a takeaway, watching Netflix 🌸

Bums or Boobs? Both are great!

Favorite Feature? My eyes I guess!

Favorite thing on 4 wheels? Gotta love cars

Most extreme thing ever done? Cliff Diving, it was terrifying 😂

Girl Crush: Rebecca Crow 😻

Guy Crush: Stephen James ❤

Sneakers or Heels? Heeled boots if that counts

Photo Credits Vizualography / Twitter / Instagram

To see more of Nymphae visit her social links and give her a follow!




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