Behind the Lens – Dekker Photography

Dekker Photography has that eye that is surely missed in the industry…

Every so often I run into some work while weeding through countless submissions. I say weeding because it’s either the model or the photographer that misses the mark. They forget that fun factor in photography, Dekker hits the mark with perfection.

What caught my attention to Dekker was a post that was shared on Tumblr featuring a new campaign on Western Attitudes on nudity, bullying and social behaviors. It is a brilliant project and one that needs to be shared and addressed. I selected a few from the project for you to think on below.

This brings me back to the point I was making earlier. Everyone is so busy trying to look sexy and alluring that they forgot that being your natural self is what makes sex appeal happen. Sure you can look sexy to catch the eye but you will never keep it if that’s all you have.

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