The Archives – Dani Cooke

Well boys and girls, it’s time to open the vault and see what we come up with. This episode is with Dani Cooke and she’s fierce!

dani cooke - Front Magazine (27)

What are you up to right now?
Tying to get motivated to go to the gym.
Are you into tatts and piercings? If so, what have you
Indeed I am. I have my nose and lip pierced as well as my ears several times. I have a
full arm sleeve, portrait of my late granddad on the other arm, script on my ribs and my
thigh and my newest and most painful tattoo on my sternum, which is a gothic
butterfly/moth. I do have two other tattoos but I will be getting these covered up in the
new year. Had these done when I was 18/19 and hate them now.
What’s your favourite album ever?
I couldn’t possibly tell you. I have a wide range of music from Rock‘n’ Roll to House music.
What’s your booze of choice?
Vodka. Always has and always will be.
dani cooke - Front Magazine (26)
What’s your perfect night out?
Going to a gig involving drinking or going to a club night with friends.
Your first ever gig?
Ha, Blazing Squad. Used to love them boys.
Got any secret passions?
I’m passionate about my tattoos and always want more. Not really a secret and you can see I am by the way I look.
Anything else that you’re itching to tell us?
Something Random I guess, I used to own a ‘micro’ pig. Her name is Gilbert. I had to
give her away to a new home and miss her terribly.
Thanks a lot, FRONT x

Behind the scenes photos from Dani’s application for FRONT.


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