Emerica Presents : Andrew Reynolds & The Reserve Collection

I haven’t tried these bad boys out or have yet to see them but from what I have been told by Emerica is that these are definitely a limited release for the hardcore fans of both “The Boss” and Emerica. Seeing I can’t tell you if the rock or kick rocks, I’ll just shoot you the 411 on the LV Reserve and let you make up your own mind.

reynolds - emerica-front magazine

The limited Reynolds LV Reserve is inspired by Andrew’s minimalistic lifestyle. Prioritizing his pursuit of passion above his material possessions.
Create more / Consume less


The Reynolds LV Reserve features include:

  • Minimal branding/patterning – a theme from Andrew’s lifes and a philosophy pulled from his simplistic approach.
  • Two monochromatic color options: all black or all white – both in lightly tumbled full grain leather.
  • Drop in G6 – PU Performance Insole
  • Engineered Heel Counter Padding
  • Double Coiled Outsole
  • Waxed Cotton Laces
  • Classic Vulc Construction

Snatch up a pair at Emerica

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