The Lovely Heather Doss

Heather Doss may have been in the game for some time, However, she is still one of the most beautiful women walking the planet.

Heather Doss- FRONT MAgazine (11)

As long as I’ve been dealing with models, I have always wanted to work with Heather Doss.

So when she agreed to let me put her on FRONT, it was a dream come true.

Not to fan out too much but when you see her in the gallery below. You will be in love too (Sorry girls and guys, she’s taken).

Heather Doss- FRONT MAgazine (2)Full Name: Heather Ann Doss

Age: is just a # but for the sake of playing along…33

Hometown: Sacramento but I was born in Germany

Brief Description: Mom of Two, Self Reflection and Improvement is my Nature, To inspire is my Game Oh and I love Pandas

Tattoos and Piercings: Minimal

Heather Doss- FRONT MAgazine (5)Tattoo’s where and why? Down my spine in Kanji writing it says ” Chicken Noodle Soup with a Soda on the Side”

Favorite Music? I have no favorites, I am a mood music kinda gal. I just don’t listen to hardcore rock where you can’t understand anything over their screaming. My eardrums don’t appreciate the assault

Favorite Movie? The Devil wears Prada

First concert? Let’s go with the Best Concert which was the Twenty One Pilots concert I just went to on 2/11/17 and was the most amazing night of my life

Ideal Night Out? Bomb Dinner + something out of the ordinary ie; no movies…lets go shoot guns, or play video games, ride go karts, indoor skydive, laser tag, bowling, trampolines…get my bold pumping

Ideal Night In? Cook together, read, play games…I hate just sitting in front of a television

Bums or Boobs? Both

Favorite Feature? Eyes, Smile, Shoulders ….in that order

What Would You Do in a Zombie Apocalypse? Likely I would die. I would not want to see all that horror and live to tell about it. I worry more about the live ones than the undead. Human beings are fucked up

Heather Doss- FRONT MAgazine (1)Girl Crush: Ruby Rose

Guy Crush: Ryan Gosling

Sneakers or Heels? Chucks for sure

For full digital nudes, email Heather Doss here. Be sure to follow her SnapChat: HeatherDoss

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