Rhiannon Rose

Even a Rose can blossom in the ruins of civilization…

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Full name: Rhiannon Justine Rose

Age: 21

Brief description: I’m a mommy of a brilliant 2 1/2 y o boy, Axeton has my heart. ❤️😌 Firm believer of the Law of Attraction and hard work and that the universe will give you what you give it and you can achieve anything!

Tattoos and piercings: 1″ plugs, cartridge, and belly ring 😉 no more facial piercings, I used to have my nose and Monroe but they got old. Suggestions? 😋
9 small tattoos 😝

Tattoos where and why?: Ribs are Slipknot and Emarosa lyrics to songs that meant a lot to me. I have a matching tattoo with my best friend on my hip that says “close to my heart” and has a treble/ bass clef heart because we both love music and to dance with each other Zodiac finger tats, hands say “spread love, destroy hate” many more to come! 😙

Favorite music: I literally listen to all music! Anything from Usher, Chris Brown, R. Kelly to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin all the way to Avenged Sevenfold and Slayer to Issues and Bring Me The Horizon even some Drake and Travis Scott 🙈

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Favorite movie: It’s really hard to pick one! But with all classics aside my most recent fave would be The Conjuring 2

First concert: Godsmack and Staind

Ideal night out: I love bar hopping! 😝

Ideal night in: A bottle of wine, a couple blunts, a good movie and some fuzzy socks.

Bums or boobs? Well not just because my boobs are damn near non-existent, I’ve always been a butt lover 🍑😝

Favorite feature: Has to be the long legs!? 😉

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What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?: Post up somewhere cool with all my family and friends and fight til the death what else can you do!?

Girl crush: Monami Frost & Madzilla 😍😍😍😍😍

Guy crush: Where to begin..? 😋 #1 will forever be Johnny Depp!

Sneakers or heels? I’m a sucker for both! But I’m a tall girl so I find myself in sneakers 98% of the time 😂😝

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Photos courtesy of Chase Pope

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