Interview with “GirlsWay” Director Bree Mills

Had a chance to chill with Girlsway Director/Producer, Bree Mills at AVN Expo

GrindThis: Thank you for taking time out for Front Magazine

Bree Mills: Totally my pleasure!

GrindThis: How long have you been in the industry and how did you start?

Bree Mills: I have been in and around the industry for a while starting with Gamma which produced web content and site for clients like Burning Angel and others. We decided to start our own production company and since my academic background is in film so I said “I wanna jump in and give this a try with Gamma Films (our production wing).” The one thing I had always envisioned was a all girls network, a fully fledged network dedicated to lesbian porn. So I founded Girlsway about 3 years ago. It’s exploded and has done really well.

GrindThis: Do you think that since their is more equality in society, has it helped increase the viewers of lesbian porn?

Bree Mills: There is no doubt. If you look at Pornhub and all their content, they have released the numbers and lesbian porn has been the most viewed content for the 2nd or 3rd year running. It’s just something that attracts a really wide audience from males, females and couples. As porn is becoming more accepted as something you don’t have to be ashamed of as a male, female or couple. Lesbian porn is just one of those genres that appeals to alot of people. We came out at a really good time where people are more acceptable and comfortable with porn consumption.

GrindThis: Since you brought up Pornhub, that’s been one of my big questions. There is so much free content out there. Does this effect sales and how you get across to potential customers?

Bree Mills: That’s really a topical question and content producers have a lot of sensitivity towards free content sites. Speaking for Girlsway, we have chosen to work with free content sites including Pornhub as a vehicle to get eyes on our content. In 2017 you can not deny that the way people look for porn is that they go Google or go to tube sites. If you deny access from those catalyst then you are kinda shooting yourself in the foot. So what we do is work with sites like that to upload what is uploaded and control how it’s marketed. It is more marketing and free advertisement with free samples. It’s a sensitive subject, we want people to pay for their porn and in order to do that we need to make porn worth paying for. We need to be on our game and be creative. We need to be more than a piece of content that you just jerk off too in 5 min and forget about.

GrindThis: What is your favorite part of being a porn director?

Bree Mills: What gives me the most satisfaction at the end of the day is, at least at Girlsway is we tend to work with performers that gravitate more towards the feature content and wanting to act. So what I like at the end of a day is working with a actress like any other production and really build the character they are portraying. Seeing them work really hard at the end of the day and getting nominated for it is what I’m really happy about. There’s a perception that they come in and bang someone and leave. With our content these are really hard productions with really long days, lots of memorization and lots of giving of yourself. We do challenging roles and challenging characters. I have been so proud of the work and performances that have come out of it. It really breaks the stereotype of the mattress actress. Seeing someone bring my character and really bring it to life, that’s what gives me satisfaction.


GrindThis: Do you get turned on by the content you make or is it just more of a job?

Bree Mills: That’s a good question. I think I’m so involved in the projects I do from start to finish. I write them, co-produce, I’m there for editing and costume design that hard too step back and kinda enjoy it. I look at it as my baby (smiles). There certainly are scenes I’ve walked away from like “DAMN that’s hot!” It has transcended from something I can get off on. I get turned on by different aspects of it. I get turned on by the completion and seeing the performances that the girls have given along with the fact that there are things that these girls have never done before, that’s the fun part of it. I love that.

GrindThis: I totally understand where you are coming from. Since being with Front I have seen so much content that it has become more of a job than anything else. Once in awhile it gets the blood pumping.

GrindThis: Do you think your sexuality and gender has been beneficial in your career in porn?

Bree Mills: That’s actually the most asked question. I think it has helped the marketing, oh that’s different. Makes it more genuine. I work with like minded people. At the end of the day, I make content that I like and my creative director is in it as much as I am and he’s a straight man. He has much as a lesbian eye as I do if not more. I think it’s more our style than anything else. My gender gets recognized a lot and seen more for the “Brand.” Like I’m the lesbian behind Girlsway. “I’m the ultimate lesbian (laughs out loud)!”

GrindThis: What sets you apart from other directors?

Bree Mills: I feel that I’m really passionate about what I do. I write all my own scripts and my style as a director is that I work very close with the performers. I have a amazing crew and I have Alan, my co-creator. He works very close with the camera crews and how to do it, capturing all the details. My focus is working with the talent. We’ll spend hours working on what I call “Pornscript Theater.” We rehearse as if we are in a play, going over lines and talk about the emotion of the characters. Everything from the setup of the scene, backstory and context. That’s the one thing I hear over and over that sets me apart.

GrindThis: I agree from what I have seen. Your style is more of a theatrical approach than what you see in a typical porn production.

Bree Mills: The benefit of having a directing partnership is that we can fire at full speed. That’s where I have Alan who is getting the right editing and I’m focusing on getting the best performance and the best with the script. That’s how we are able to achieve what we achieve.

GrindThis: Last question Bree and this is for everyone wanting to get into the industry. What advice would you give someone trying to break into the business?

Bree Mills: For talent what I would suggest is today. I would start off with online caming and custom videos so that you can get a feel for the industry. Building your brand through social media is a great way to get the recognition and foot into the door. A lot of the new starlets have done that, they don’t have to depend on anyone because their fan base has already been established instead of depending on film studios to build their name. Got to remember this isn’t for everyone so trying it from the comfort of your own home is the best way to start out. Once you build your brand. Make sure you secure your identity, domain and get verified. Secure your assets, at the end of the day it’s your brand. It’s like opening up a store and investing in all the signage and someone opens up across the street with the same name secured and you loose everything you did. Secure your brands identity. Get a good agent to help you.

GrindThis: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day and talking with us!

Girlsway won trophies for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene (AI: Artificial Intelligence with Celeste Star, Alix Lynx and Serena Blair); Best All-Girl Movie (Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story) and Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene, also for Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story, with Riley Reid and Reena Sky.

Special thanks to Tori Scholes for supplying LGBT questions and insight.

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