Top Ten Sexy Cannabis Smokers of Tumblr

Legalization of Cannabis has grown like a “Weed” around the world and we LOVE IT!

So in true Front style. I have decided to shoot you the 411 on some of what’s going down while letting you peep out some of Tumblr’s hottest ganja smokers.

Now back in the day you really didn’t have too many choices in cannabis. Maybe a handful of strains. Fast forward to today and the choices are limitless. So we talked with the largest Seed Bank, Seed Supreme for some info on what they carry.


According to their mission statement: ”

SeedSupreme Seed Bank has long been one of the best sources for a large international variety of top-shelf, top quality cannabis seeds. Below is a selection of thousands of strains, both common and rare of all types. Search and you will find the best auto-flowering, feminized and regular seeds from around the planet, hand picked for you. Please remember growing cannabis in some countries isn’t legal and you should check the laws before buying marijuana seeds online. We sell our seeds as strain preservation souvenirs. Many rare strains get lost forever because of the stigma attached to weed and we aim to protect and archive the large variety around the globe, while them making available to those who can legally buy.

Marijuana seeds all look very similar, however each seed carries unique genetics which can give it special properties if cultivated. Browse through our online seedbank catalog and you’l find an extensive choice of heirloom, landrace and rare gene cannabis seeds available to purchase for strain preservation purposes.”

Looking over SeedSupreme’s website you will have to agree there is more than a handful of strains to choose from with deals galore.

As promised……. Lets bring on the girls! Be sure to comment below and let us know who you think has what it takes to be the next #GanjaGirl for Front Magazine!

Photos courtesy of Tumblr

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