Etnies just released the most advanced skate shoe ever!

Innovation Never Sleeps, That’s the motto and I’m super stoked on the Helix!

Etnies-Helix-Front Magazine

Let me first start off by saying that yet I’m part of the Sole Tech family (Don’t ask them because they might lie lol), I really love this shoe! As you’ve seen in my earlier reviews with the Scout YB. I plainly said “It’s the ugliest shoe I have ever seen!” Well they came back with a straight uppercut with the Helix! KO, Knockout and all that jazz!

In other words I’m actually excited on this release from etnies and can’t wait to lace these bad boys up. Damn they are just too damn gorgeous to take out and shred the streets with, but look for my instagram posts as I unbox these sexy kicks in the next couple of days!

After emailing back and fourth with Chryssie from Etnies, I had expressed that this is the most tech shoe with style, set apart from the classic Marana. Seriously just take a look at the lines of this shoe. It’s not bulky (which I love by the way), light weight and incredible GeoHex breathable polyurethane toe. What else can you ask for? You want more? How about the tread….. incorporated from the most favorable pattern out there, Jameson Vulc! But hey… why listen to what I have to say on the matter….. Why not take a look for yourself and you will see. This will be my shoe for years to come!!




The Helix is the heart of the etnies innovation engine.  It is the brand’s pinnacle style that enables etnies to push the limits of skateboarding footwear.  The Helix pumps the blood into the Bloodlines and advances footwear technology for skateboarders.  Within it’s design details, you will find skate performance DNA reminiscent of each Bloodline, offering the fundamental needs of a skate shoe: durability, impact resistance, breathability and grip. This new style fulfills the core needs of every skateboarder, elevating the Helix to the apex of the etnies footwear line.


Follow etnies Social Media for more updates and killer videos…. #SkateLife

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P.S Chryssie is my favorite and we def need to hit the coping this year chicka!!

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