Fadda from the Darkside

Fadda came to us on instagram and it’s mysterious and dark, you’ll love it!

Roberta - Front magazine (1)

Full Name: Fadda Roberta

Age: 26 years

Hometown: Cagliari

Roberta - Front magazine (5)
Brief Description: Tattoomodel, Suicide Hopeful

Tattoos and Piercings: Yes

Tattoo’s where and why? Chest belly arms back legs, i love tattoos

Favorite Music? Techno house

Favorite Movie? Horror

Roberta - Front magazine (2)
First concert? Tiziano Ferro

Ideal Night Out? Fun with friends

Ideal Night In? Dining out

Bums or Boobs? both

Favorite Feature? Happiness

Roberta - Front magazine (4)
What Would You Do in a Zombie Apocalypse? Kill everyone

Girl Crush: Yes

Guy Crush: No

Sneakers or Heels? Both

Roberta - Front magazine (6)

Photo courtesy of Kessalis

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