Kady Green

Blonde hair, blue eyes and legs that wont quit. Meet “The Seductress,” Kady Green.


Full Name: Kady Leigh Green

Age: 31

Hometown: Long Beach City, California (born)

Tattoos and Piercings: ear construction, including- Industrial, conch, helix, forward helix, rook, tragus, upper ear lobe and ear lobe, and upper belly button piercing.

Tattoo’s where and why? I have a chest piece between my boobs being a lotus flower with vines creating a heart twined around it, skeleton hands holding up the notorious hand signal for LA (Los Angeles) on one ankle and a melting Chanel symbol on the other ankle, the words Carpe Diem and a sun under one boob, the words Manifest Destiny on inside one forearm, a bumble bee on the other wrist, the words Live and Learn on the outside edge of my palms… And the word silence on the side of my right Pinter finger….ssshhhhh… Lol oh yeah crosses on my middle fingers and on my lower back a heart bleeding dripping blood down my butt crack with a skull head ripping out of the heart….

Favorite Music? Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Reggae,

Favorite Movie? The Wonderland Murders

First concert? Steel Pulse (reggae, they sing the theme song for American tv show Cops) lol

Ideal Night Out? Beach Sunset, drinks and dinner, listen to some live music somewhere small and local to the beach where we’re at….

Ideal Night In? Order pizza, watch a movie, and cuddle….

Bums or Boobs? Definitely bums! 😋

Favorite Feature? My bright blue eyes!

What Would You Do in a Zombie Apocalypse? So I’ve thought about this a million times before and I have to say I’d be the first to smoke myself… No way in hell I’d be able to take that kind of fear and anxiety! Lol

Girl Crush: Meghan Fox

Guy Crush: Jim Morrison

Sneakers or Heels? Definitely sneakers all day every day!!!


Photos courtesy of photographer

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SC: Kady_leigh

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