Agenda 2017

It’s that time of the year again when I head out to the largest lifestyle trade show on the planet, Agenda Tradeshow. If you have read some of my articles on Front then you will know that I have been a returning visitor for the past 5-6 years now. Being in the lifestyle of skateboarding and ink my whole life, this is the one time a year I can see all my sponsors (family) and friends from around the world. Sure Agenda has Las Vegas and Miami but Long Beach is geared more for action sports then the before mentioned locations.

GOPR1500Starting out my Agenda experience would never be the same without getting checked in by my favorite person in the whole world, Monique! This women can spot me out of a crowd of hundreds and constantly has that smile (some don’t think so, but screw them!). Monique gets me all whipped up and sends me on my way to the masses of this insane event. With over 450 exhibitors ranging in categories like Skate, Surf, Woods, Womens, Footwear and more. Not to mention all the services that surround the main floor events. As you can imagine, heading into this zoo is overwhelming and trying to visit 450 booths in 2 days is just nuts! So I had scheduled appointments with some of the hottest booths at Agenda.

GOPR1520First stop was BlackFlys Eyewear. It’s been years since they have been to Agenda so I had to make my first stop to see my family. Fly’s introduced their culture to the masses in 1991 and have had their ups and downs over the years but are well into the comeback with collaborations like the Sullen x Blackflys “SullenFlys” and the new “ZefFlys” from international recording artist, Ninja from Die Atwood. Not too mention some of the classics like Sublime and Christian Fletcher Pro model. As always it’s a party where ever the #flyFamily are so off I go before the party gets me fucked up (Remember I’m supposed to be working).

I head over to my first appointment with etnies to see Ashton. After a bit of confusion due to mass amount of people at their booth. Ashton introduces me to the new etnies x Michelin partnership. So the the concept behind the partnership is because Chris Joslin could kill a set of Marana’s soles faster than he could destroy the upper portion of the shoe. New advancements have added new wearablity of the classic Marana. Introducing the Michelin technology from their tires into the soles, etnies says the sole will last 3 times as long without compromising the price of the shoe. New tech, no price hike, that’s amazing! Unfortunately you wont see this shoe in your local skate shop til summer 2017. If what Ashton says is true…. it’s well worth the wait.

etnies x Michelin Parntership

Stop numero duece was with Micheal over at this new product called Night Shift. At first glance I thought I was going to be taking a well needed nap because the setup was just that, a bedroom. The only word that comes to mind with Night Shift is “Comfort.” Night Shift takes on the customizing of your bedroom sets to new extremes. Currently collabs include Torrey Pudwill’s Grizzly Griptabe, Famous and Shibori just to name a few. Now I’m a basic cat and hit the local department store when it comes to bedding, however nothing I buy at the low low price of $99 compares to the quality that Night Shift puts into their products. Down fall is that you have to pay for such customized, trademarked quality. Current retail for a full setup runs around $250. Market value for having some of the hottest brands out, It’s not all that bad. Micheal gave us a heads up on more collaborations to come with more selections.

Final stop of day one ended at the DC Shoes booth with Debs Choi. Debs introduced me to the whole lineup from DC and I have to say, not being a huge fan of DC, I was actually impressed on where DC was going in this collection. Either my appearance or someone tipped her off that I was definitely apart of the skate scene. She directed me straight away to the SkateMafia x DC collab featuring Wes Kremer line. Like I had said I was impressed. Clean lines and pure style. Something I wouldn’t expect from Kremer.GOPR1510

The apparel selection from DC starting with the SkateMafia collab to the Snow and Work wear gear was impressive. I’m a stickler when it comes to my gear and I haven’t given DC a look since the late 90’s. Debs changed the way I feel about DC and if you haven’t shopped DC, you might want to peep it out for yourselves.

Finalizing day one at agenda, its time to head back to the BlackFlys booth to get fucked up and talk story while pile driving some Pabst beer before we all head out to the Osiris Shoes / H-Street Skateboards party.

osiris after party

What a night that was! We started off at The Auld Dubliner for some extra brews and to meet up before heading out for The Federal Bar and after party. I would love to give you some killer details but being as shit faced as Moe and I was, I’m just glad to have made it back to the hotel.

Day 2: Hung over as fuck but still had a interview with Kelly Hart (see next page) and a board toss sponsored by Acid Drop Skateboards to handle. All in all it was a pretty chill day filled with stories and business with our normal crew. Plenty of beers still flowed upon us as we took our pics and said our goodbyes.

If you ever have the chance to hit a Agenda, don’t hesitate because you never know who you will be having a beer with!

BlackFlys x Sullen family



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