Top 10 Skateboarding Clips of 2016

Skateboarding has had a hell of a year!

With the ever growing demand to get footage out first through social media outlets like instagram, we still have a need for clips longer than 1 min. Sure the bangers are sick and it keeps the skaters in the eye of their fans…. but at what cost?

Over the year I have been paying attention to whats being said, especially when it comes to photographers and how they are getting paid. These are some of the main questions I will be asking the pros and photographers at Agenda in Jan (look for my editorial in Front #196). Until then, let’s take a look at what took the top 10 skate clips from skateboarding’s most viewed site.

adidas – Away Days

Transworld – Substance

Polar – I Like It Here Inside My Mind, Don’t Wake Me This Time

Emerica – Made: Chapter Two

The Way Out

Volcom – Holy Stokes

The Sk8mafia Video 2016

Dimestore – The Dime Video

Converse – One Star World Tour


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