Submissions – Cemone

Cemone is definitely a hidden Gem we want to uncover, I think you will see more of her coming soon……?


Full Name: Cemoné Andrea Georgiou Warren
Age: 19
Hometown: Cleethorpes (but born in Cyprus but been here all my life basically)
Tattoos and Piercings: tattoos!
Tattoo’s where and why? 2 sleeves , I started one when I was 15 and got the second to disguise it to be honest haha. I have 2 on the back of my legs which say ‘ Baby Doll’ I got also when I was 16 because my nan got married down a place translated to Baby Doll Lane in English. Just reminds me of her.
Favorite Music? I like anything and everything. I used to be more into music but now I don’t really find the time to search for things I like so I just listen to anything with a good beat.
Favorite Movie? Hmmmm Oceans 11 watched it about 500 times
First concert? Only ever been to one and that was The view when I was 16.
Ideal Night Out? Lots of drinks , lots of people , not so much clothes. Haha
Ideal Night In? Chinese , bottle of wine , tooked up in bed with movies on.
Bums or Boobs? Depends on the person , can I say both haha!
Favorite Feature? My legs think it’s the only part I’ve never wanted to change at all.
What Would You Do in a Zombie Apocalypse? Become a zombie within 10 minutes , I would just stand and scream.
Girl Crush: Sveta Bilyalova (check her IG she’s my idea of perfect)
Guy Crush: Justin bieber
Sneakers or Heels? Ah erm can I say sneakers with a heel haha no that sounds awful actually. probably heels!


Photos courtesy of David Clic

Follow her Instagram at
Snapchat: cemonexo

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