Fashion Friday with Helena and Madame Mae

…… Introducing Rubix Kangaroo Gear


In true Front Magazine style, we want to introduce you to the latest fashions while keeping it ultra sexy! Meet Helena and Madame Mae as they showcase Rubix Kangaroo Clothing.

According to their site they primarily focus on the powder aspect of life but have been moving into the surfing and wakeboarding world. With only being around since 2010 Rubix Kangaroo has made a huge splash in the industry.


I have to admit that after looking through the apparel and it being winter around most of the world, the pop look and usability of their clothing is actually a breath of fresh air. Doesn’t hurt to have these gorgeous ladies showing us what it would look like when that snowbunny steals your gear after a late night at the slopes.



Photos provided by Toadiephoto

Madame Mae Vis Social Networks
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Helena Oud Social Networks
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