Chrissy Teigen Beaver Shot at 2016 AMA’s

How did Chrissy Teigen not know it was gonna happen, or did she?


Christine “Chrissy” Teigen is an American model. She made her debut in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010 and, alongside Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge, appeared on the cover in 2014. – Wikipedia.
Screw all the hub-bub above that’s who she is. As far as I’m concerned she is a hottie that hit the news wearing a dress with no sides to it! You know as well as I do, that she was out there for shock value and being a model. Chrissy knew exactly how to get it!


Let’s take a moment and examine this dress. That she was slightly embarrassed about after realizing the whole world seen her neatly shaved beaver. It is basically cut in half with a booty cover attached! I really don’t get fashion…. bet this dress was in the $1000’s? Either way you shake a dick at it, gentlemen, would you let your lady roll out of the house wearing something like this? Ladies if you know that you are revealing all the jewels, would you?

The only way this dress would be leaving my pad is if I was gonna get some at every turn in a swingers environment! I could be a little hard on Chrissy about this dress and her intentions. I just have a sneaky feeling that she hadn’t really been in the limelight as she was in the earlier days. I could be wrong……I’m a skater, so what do I know?

Just in case you needed a zoomed in version

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