Product Review – Etnies Scout YB

Skateboarding meets Cross-Trainers?


This is the ugliest shoe I have ever seen!

Now before you get all crazy about the statement above, think about it this way. I have NEVER had a “Off the Board” shoe EVER in my life. So with that being said I can get on with this shoe….

So at first glance its defiantly not a skate shoe. It’s more of a cross trainer, so I will look at it as if it’s not a skate shoe. Believe me when I say it’s the lightest shoe I have ever put on my feet! This coming from a guy who has busted ass knees from 35+ years of street skating. The shoe actually is really snug and hugs the foot like no other shoe I have ever felt. I decided to finally rock these Etnies on a walk this week during my rehabilitation. Yeah, they were amazing!

The STI Technology that Etnies is working on is unremarkable. Every step I took in these Scout YB’s was actually a savior to my knee. I actually walked farther then I normally would (due to normal skate shoes) and the breathability of the Scout is beyond what a normal skate shoe has to offer.


I have to say I’m kinda bias when it comes to true skate brand, however as ugly as this shoe is compared to my standard. I have to agree with Chryssie Banfell, this shoe is a great accent to my everyday wear, when I’m not out skating. At best I actually love this shoe!

Some things to think about is that it’s a fairly snug shoe from the way it’s built. I ordinarily wear a size 11 US in eS and so I received a size 11. It is def tight. So if you don’t like a super tight fit, Then order a 1/2 size bigger to be safe when ordering online. As always, visit your core skate shop and support the movement.

Final judgement rating is a 8

I will be wearing these mostly as my gym and rehab shoes after my beta test of the Scout YB’s. I think I want a pair of white Scouts for those super casual dress events…. hint hint hint?

Suggested retail price $69.99+

Scout Yarn Bomb - NAVY/RED/WHITE - hi-res | EtniesScout Yarn Bomb - WHITE/WHITE/LIGHT GREY - hi-res | Etnies




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