Dakota Doll

Dakota is one hot tamale…..


I have been trying to get with this girl for some time, borderline stalking. Of all the pornstars I talk to or have met in my career. No one is as down to earth as Dakota is, no one. As you can see I finally got my way with her and now to share it with all of you…. I have a sneaky feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of Dakota in the future here at Front Magazine?


Full Name: Bet you wanna know?

Nickname: Dakota Doll- Dakota Skye

Age: 22

Town and Country: Los angeles, CA but always day dreamin’ for florida

Brief Description: Daddies little monster 😉 ?!?!? lmfao.

Tattoos and Piercings: 7 piercings, 8 tattoos

Tattoo’s where and why? Rose on left hip to cover up a breast cancer awareness I will be getting redone for my grandma soon.
Bird on right shoulder because I got it when my ex fiance’ told me too come home with his name tattooed or nothing at all

Favorite Music? Indie Rock,Tupac, and some more rock and roll.

Favorite Movie? True romance

First ever Concert? 97x backyard bbq – was so many bands there I cannot even recall

Ideal Night Out? Ideal Night in??????? 🙂
If I have to answer this, then I’d have to say no shoes hula hoopin’ on the beach!

Bums or Boobs?  Bums

Favorite Feature? My eyes or my soul when its not broken (?) is this for the same thing

Favorite Drink? Apple juice

Girl Crush: Lana Del Rey

Guy Crush: Mac Miller

Sneakers or Heels? I prefer none but heels are always classy… depends on your outlook in life.

Visit Dakota’s website for more original content and information here.

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