Erika Lust launches Erotic Films: A unique cinematic experience for adult films

erika-lustA unique cinematic experience for adult films.

You pay for your Netflix subscription, for your Spotify Premium and for your Amazon Prime. God forbid you forget to pay your HBO subscription and can’t binge watch GOT in HD. Let’s say you are pretty “high-maintenance”. However, the show is over, you go to your room, get in bed, open your laptop and browse one of those X-Tubes to watch again and again the same type of scene while banners, popups and adverts for penis enlargements keep appearing. We get it, the content you see does not deserve your money.

Erika Lust is offering an alternative that makes it worth it:

An online cinema where she and her team license the best alternative high production adult cinema devoid of the tedious banners, popups and adverts to “fuck your neighbor’s grandma”. Erotic Films is the first of it’s kind, a completely unique experience for the viewer, offering a boutique platform for innovative directors across the world to display their work as it should be. The hub for those looking for beauty, realism and sexual fantasy in adult cinema without fake bodies and miserable scripts. It is the alternative for a more open and demanding society. Unlike other sites you don’t need to worry about recurring payments or tricky memberships. Choose from a catalogue of cinema you didn’t even know existed, decide if you want to rent the film for 72 hours or stream it for a lifetime, relax and watch your adult content in the most comfortable way. Leave the X-Tubes where they belong. To shame. will open your mind, arouse you, inspire you and even spark passion in your own love life. Content to be watched in high quality on a TV screen with new releases every month!

Press Release from Press Officer Andrea Ponce //

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