World Cup of Skateboarding 2016

World Cup of Skateboarding

WCS has been around for over 22 yrs and has become one of the most prestigious contest to hit every year. This year was no different, filled with tons of the best riders in the world.

BIG props to all the riders in Moscow, Russia for tearing up the scene like no one else could! Final Results ended with a gnarly win from Ivan Monterio, killing the final run for the win.


Sponsors: Monk Skateboards , Star Point Skate Shop , Foot Print Insoles , Diamond Supply Co , Grizzly Griptape , Dahora Distribuidora
Hometown: Brazil, Stance: ?, Age: 16, Status: Am

Final Results

Rank Name Country, city Final Score
1 Ivan Monteiro Brazil 88.67
2 Aurien Giraud France 87.67
3 Vincent Millou France, Bordeaux 84.33
4 Egor Golubev Russia, Moscow 84.00
5 Richard Tury Slovakia, Kosice 82.33
6 Dmitriy Dvoynishnikov Russia 79.67


………..Meanwhile in sunny Southern California

_dsc1622The WCS Amateur Vans Combi Event was as gnarly as it gets! 2 divisions and pure fire! This kids took it to the max with my good friend Dave Duncan killing the mic. Huge props to my main man Liam Pace for taking 9th place overall, wasn’t enough to take first over Iago Magalhaes from Brazil. Who absolutely killed it in the finals (see below, 16+ finals)! Gotta give props where props is due. Congrats to all the riders hitting the circuit and making their dreams a reality! Special props to Liam Pace, you did our sponsor proud! As always, Dave Duncan killed the announcement portion of the event!!

16 & Over Results

Place Name Age Hometown Sponsors
1 – $2000 Iago Magalhaes 22 Curitiba, Brazil Sumatra Surf, 187 KillerPads, Vertual Skateboards, JohnBull
2 – $1400 Matt Wilcox 16 Simi Valley, CA moonshine skateboards Predator helmets vert jungle fatal clothing
3 – $800 Travis Rivera 16 Encinitas, CA Surfride, Sunbum, 187 Killer Pads, Alta wheels, Khiro, and Protec
4 – $600 Hericles Fagundes 19 Florianopolis, Brazil Santa Cruz Skateboards, Duelo Skate Shop, João Tinta, Enjoy Meias.
5 – $400 Bryson Farrill 16 San Diego, CA Sector 9, Gullwing, Active, Tortoise Pads, & Skeleton Key
6 – $300 Augusto Akio Curitiba, Brazil Drop Dead, Niggli Pads, Hocks, Everlong, Jhon Roger, OBI, Mundi, Green Box
7 – $200 Tyler Edtmayer 16 Lenggries, Germany Bones Wheels, TSG, FP Insoles, Stance Socks
8 – $100 Shea Donavan 18 Salida, CO Pro-tec, Vertual Skateboards, Hammer, Skeleton Key, 187
9 – $100 Liam Pace 16 Tucson, AZ triple eight, Acid Drop Skateboards, Carver Cruisers
10 – $100 Griffin Chase 17 Monroe, WA Moonshine Skateboards
11 Jesse Thomas 17 South Hykeham, England Moonshine Skateboards, Vibronic Hemp Wheels, Etnies, Two Seasons, Sprayground, 187 Pads
12 Eli Reams 19 Hamilton, OH Sacrifice skatebords, Smith safety gear, select distrbution, Immortal laces, Demented skateshop, Roadkill hardware
13 Dakota Olave 20 Buena Park, CA Pope Skates, Immortal Lacers & Arcade Belts
14 Reid Watson 16 Colorado Springs, CO Pope Skates & House of Sk8 – Southern Coloardo
15 Kyle Turner 17 Carlsbad, CA CB.SupplyCo, 187 Killer Pads, SeletonKey.MFG
16 Trent Bowman 16 Huntington Beach, CA Jokers Skate Shop, Lakai Footwear, Mission Belt Co.
17 Jacob Calhoun Scotts Valley, CA Red Curbs & Indy Flow,
18 Zack Tripp 24 Newhall, CA Pope Skates, 187 Killer Pads & Outlaw Belts
19 Titus Massinello 18 Lighthouse Point, FL LAKE Skateboards BC Surf & Sport Ramp 48
20 Kobe Enrique 18 Kapolei, Hawaii Miontai, 808skate, Volcom, Vans, Independent Trucks
21 Rafael Wainer 18 Porto Alegre, Brazil Birdhouse, FKD, Swell Skate Camp
22 Akira Tanaka 16 Saitama, Japan Murasaki park Tokyo: bern Japan

Check World Cup of Skateboarding for other finals.



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