Live Your Dream – 4K Trailer: Skateboarding Documentary

Now this little clip hit my email and besides the fact that I have never heard of Troy Grant and I find it repulsive that Troy is covered from head to toe with the anti-christ of corporations, Nike SB. I actually liked the little teaser that was sent to me.

Live Your Dream – 4K Trailer: Skateboarding Documentary from Negative4 Productions on Vimeo.
I have seen better footage in promo videos but the videography was actually pretty sweet. I did look for the full documentary listed in the link, yeah couldn’t find it so you’ll just have to bear with the trailer tease as well as the super low grade image that was available.

Now before you go and judge what is being said… look at it from my point of view. It’s a sick teaser and yet we know nothing of Troy Grant and have no images to fixate on him or the producer of the clip. I was actually looking even though my “Pure” hatred of Nike SB. I am however giving Troy Grant a chance to be seen by over a million people. Either way check the teaser and you decide on if it’s tits or not.

Watch this documentary for free now:

Aspiring pro athlete, Tory Grant travels to Colorado to skate all of the major parks as he continues his journey westward to Californian in pursuit of living his dream as a skateboarder. It’s here in Colorado that Tory also shares his story with our cameras. Come along for the ride as “Tory Skates Colorado: Session 2”.

Produced by Negative4 Productions


“Hell of a Night” – SchoolBoy Q


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