Black Hope Curse

black-hope-curse-logoWith the ever growing trend of tattoo and art, we have seen a lot of up and coming brands in the fashion industry. Having your art be worn is a true honor vs it maybe sitting in a gallery to never be seen. Black Hope Curse is one of those clothing companies breaking into the industry. Highlighting some of the worlds artists.

Black Hope Curse is geared more to the darker side of art but who isn’t when it comes to tattoo style art. Sure there is plenty of styles out there and after checking out the brand and their designs, the stuff is actually sick with detail and flare unlike whats out there at the moment.

“Black Hope Curse is a tattoo based clothing brand driven by bringing all forms of horror, occult and anti-religious artwork to the surface.  BHC is striving to make darker art more mainstream, by working with Tattoo Artists from all over the globe emphasizing on creating various forms of dark art.”


Black Hope Curse is definitely worth a look with a variety of artists tees, hoodies and accessories. Be sure to use promo code: HOLLY666 when picking up your Dark Art Tee’s!

Social Links: Black Hope Curse

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