Leticia Bufoni eats concrete at SLS 2016

leticia-hospital-front-magazineLeticia Bufoni was just behind Lacey Barker and needed a BIG trick to take the lead and hold onto her SLS Crown for a second year in a row. Bufoni set up for her final run when she slammed. The gap to boardslide was freaking huge. She had lost footing on the land and threw herself to the bottom. The slam was reported as the worst in SLS history.

According to Leticia, it appeared to be worse than it looked even though she was totted off the course in a stretcher. Peep the video below of this gnarly scorpion.

Even after that brutal hit Leticia still grabbed a second place victory at SLS 2016.

lacey-baker-front-magazineYou have to give credit due where credit is due and Lacey Baker dominated the scene, scoring her first place for the Women’s street course at SLS. I watched the whole contest and I have to say, even if Leticia landed that gap to board, Lacey would have still taken the 30K. Then again its just my opinion. Check out the entire Women’s and judge for yourself.


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