Odd Future – Beyond the Donut

What started out as a hiphop scene in the late 2007 became a cultural threads icon, releasing the now forever seen Doughnut. It had looked like the OF scene had dwindled down over the last few years until now….

Now we have a tip to save you some cash if you are looking for a deal. Come on, really now! Who wants to pay $65.95 for a simple tank top when you can snatch it up at around $24.95? I only know this because I have teenagers and if buying them a shirt to wear only once in awhile is more than any shoe I have in the closet, yeah they can kiss my butt! Check out all the killer threads from Odd Future at MLTD. You wont be disappointed.

Odd future and its krew have taking the scene back with new concepts and designs, including the latest from the Wolf Gang in his Golf Collection. This hip new look is actually kinda dope. You wouldn’t see this cat rocking it but you wouldn’t see me dissing you out because the shit is actually kinda fly! Peep it out and visit GolfWang.com







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