Fashion Week with Fendi

As you know. Fashion Week is the star studded highlight of the year. The top designers around the world showcase their upcoming outfits for the ultra rich and celebrities. I took some time and checked out whats in store for 2017 spring/summer collections and in this writers perspective Fendi had the most common core of selection. What I mean by common core is that Fendi’s pieces actually looked wearable. We have all seen the outrages outfits that no one and I mean no one would wear. Now don’t get me wrong. Some of Fendi’s outfits were…… well they just weren’t great. For instance, if you’re not 90lbs. Wearing big ass vertical stripes probably wouldn’t suit you.

Fendi broke out with a pleasant mix of what looked like a oriental motif with a mixture of dark and light to compliment the prints and sheer fabrics. I didn’t get the chance to see a full 360 degree of the collection but from what I had gathered from the photographs (courtesy of Elle) was that many of the outfits were actually bare bottomed. As much as we all love to see a woman’s assets, I find it hard to believe they left the seats out of the collection (designers, go figure?) but if you look closely you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Back to the versatile nature of Fendi’s collection like this pink sheer dress to the right. I can see this being worn in major metro cities like LA, New York and beyond. Its elegant yet simple.

Fashion week is midway through in Milan and sources say that it is a no fur demonstration. Which is a nice change up from what the designers normally produce in their collections.

Visit Elle Fashion Magazine for more Fendi Styles

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