Shonda Mackey – Queen of Blood

shonda-mackey-front-magazine-2I have been following Shonda Mackey ever since my days with Toxic Kitten Clothing (bikini shown to the left. Shot by Keith Selle). Shonda is one of those models that is to die for. Always charismatic and luscious without means…

She has appeared on numerous covers as well as spreads in multiple publications. Shonda Mackey is one of the most sought out models for clothing endorsements and more. Which says a lot because she has agreed to be part of Acid Drop Skateboards (cough it up boys!).

Shonda took some time to answer one of our Q & A’s for Front Magazine and shot us some of her favorite images. I can’t imagine how she picked them because if you Google Shonda Mackey, there is like a million gorgeous images from some of the most prominent photographers on the planet! Here’s a quick sample….



Full Name: Shonda Mackey

Nickname: Queen of Blood

Age: 29

Town and Country: Huntington Beach Ca

Brief Description: I’m a model from Colorado now living in LA, I’ve has been on many magazine covers as well as being a heavy metal video vixen!

Tattoos and Piercings:  I have my arms and legs done slowly working on my back!

Favorite Music?  Metal!

Favorite Movie?  Mmmmm…….psycho

First ever Concert?  Black Label Society

Ideal Night Out?  Smoking down, cruisin the beach, and eating good food with good people

Bums or Boobs? Bums

Favorite Feature? Eyes

Favorite Drink? Coffee

Girl Crush: Charlize Theron

Guy Crush: Richie Cavalera

Sneakers or Heels? Heels

Follow Shonda’s social media for more juicy photo’s!

1472160655_instagram-square-social-media 1472160645_twitter-square-social-media

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