History of the Mask

masks-front-magazine-2Masks are objects that cover the face for variety of reasons. They are used for protection, disguise, entertainment or ritual practices and are made from various materials, depending of use. Earliest use of masks was for rituals and ceremonies, and the oldest found mask is from 7000 BC. Art of making masks could be older but because of the materials used for making them (leather and wood), they did not survive to this day. Oldest masks were of ritual purpose and could be found in many places of the world. They are generally similar in their overall appearance, but very different in style and way they are made and used. Read more on the history of the mask here.

In more modern day civilization. Not taking from culture, the masks-front-magazine-6mask is more seen as a traditional Halloween costume or masquerade accessory. However the fashion scene has really grasped the mysterious nature of anonymity. Everything from high end fashion all the way to erotica art. The mask has been around for thousand’s of years without falter. There is just something that is intriguing about hiding behind the mask, for as long as you have it on you are assuming the role of anyone you want to be, this would be why there is so many different styles and themes to choose from. We will be highlighting some of the different styles (check the gallery below). Well of course in the customary fashion that Front Magazine provides.

ellen-von-unwerthIf you are looking to spice up the bedroom life or maybe make that mysterious impression at the next masquerade ball, we highly recommend you visit I love Mask for all your masks needs. You will thank us later…..


Follow phantomXvenetian for more photos of masks and erotica art.



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