Black Flys – Underground Worldwide


A True California Original:

In 1991 Black Flys was born in the midst of a thriving west coast culture. Built on Sun, Skate, & Surf; Black Flys has been forefront in a worldwide underground. Rumor and innuendo are the stories you hear, good times and great sunglasses are what what you expect. Roaming the beaches by day, or wandering the clubs at night is where you will find us.

Black Flys has been a pinnacle brand in the SoCal area for over 25 yrs. In the 25 years they’ve been loved by core riders and the people of the skate, surf, music and moto lifestyles. There was a brief flash of time when where they just seen to vanish from existence…. that has changed and they are making a huge comeback in the industry with some of the biggest names in the industry supporting Black Flys.

I have been blessed to be apart of the #FlyFamily for over a year and ever since the brand has been around, it has been one of the only brands that I wanted to be apart of. Now that I am, I’m gonna share them with you…… #BlackFlysMatter

booty-custom-flysBlack Flys has been killing the game with collabs with some of Southern California’s hottest artists and brands including Sullen, SRH, Famous and Sublime. Not too mention great artists like OGABEL. We can’t for get some of the most sexiest Fly Girls on the planet too!

The 2 pairs of Black Flys I rock right now are the OG SCI FLY V and Hang Over Flys. both are off the hook in their own special way. Black Flys and Fly Girl shades come in a huge variety in polarized or non polarized lens. Most frames can be fitted for prescription lens with transition. See them for the details on which frames are best for your prescription lens.



flyballistics flykennedys flyamivice flystraight mcfly ogabeldetector scifly5 sullenfly2


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