Backpacks aren’t just for kids

front mag backpack

There was a time when the standard use for a backpack was to send kids off to school or the weekend hike. This isn’t the case anymore. We now live in a time where we are constantly on the go!

So we decided to give you a glimpse at some piratical everyday sachels you can use while running to your daily grind.

One thing that has to be made quite aware, NOT all bags are made equal. Depending on your workload, a bag could cost you any where from $19.99-$200. Be aware of what you are buying and what you plan to use it for. Personally I have the same bag from almost 20 years now. It has been everywhere with me and has seen thousands of miles. It’s my Independent Trucks board bag. Unfortunately they discontinued this bag and given the opportunity I would buy 3 more just like it. Sorry to say, no one makes bags the way they used too.

So let’s just jump right into it…..

Dakine 101 Laptop Compatable Rucksack 29l – Hawthorne – 2015

dakineDakine makes some pretty damn fashion friendly sturdy bags in my personal opinion and for a everyday bag running about $53 you cant go wrong.

Dakine Foundation 26LThoughtful design and rugged construction ensure Dakine products are ready for adventure when you are. You’ll benefit from a host of features combined with the right materials – and always with the right look Features: TSA compliant padded laptop sleeve Fits most 15″ laptops Breathable air mesh back panel and shoulder straps Organizer pocket Mesh side pockets Padded bottom panel Adjustable sternum strap 1600 cu in.

Sullen Onyx Blaq Paq Tattoo Travel Bag


Sullen has been leading the next generation of travel bags. This may be listed as a tattoo bag but rest assured this thing can hold more than a few machines. Big open bag that can easily hold weekend of clothes and every accessory you can think of. Running at $109-$155 depending on the cases for tattoo equipment. I suggest you grab this bag without the cases if you are not in the art field. Still a hell of a bag with tons of room.

The entire bag is made from 600dp vinyl coated rip stop material to keep from tearing while traveling, makes the bag water resistant, and keep its shape with the skeletal structure when filling it up. Padded shoulder straps and heavy duty handles are 90lb weight tested with web reinforced netting, box stitched assembly and tacked to stay strong when you max out your bag. To keep all your stuff safe each compartment has double lock utility zippers inside and out. The rear main compartment has side slots to hold paint brushes, adjustable strap at top to hold power supply and two zipper fully enclosed pouches to hold the slotted or foam custom Blaq Paq cases. In the middle of the bag there is a double lock zipper sleeve to hold your laptop with padded edges and  large sketchbook compartment. The other exterior pockets feature key ring, netted coin pouch, pen/pencil slots and top phone/mp3 slot includes a headphone slit out the top. The front exterior pocket opens and shows 4 independent padded pouches to hold your tattoo machines for travel. Each one has double lock zippers and extra padding to keep them safe.

Independent Bar/Cross Backpack

Independent Bar

As you heard me speak on the Indy bags, this is not as agile as the one I have been carrying but it’s a decent bag. Running at about $39 you could never go wrong with it. Super light weight with plenty of space for your day to day needs. Perfect for school or traveling with your laptop.

The Independent Bar/Cross Backpack is a heavy-duty backpack with removable skate straps, a butterfly main opening, and a small front stash pocket with a key ring. Your weekend skate trip just got easier. 

  • Ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Quick grab handle at top
  • Large tonal printed logo around top opening
  • Front woven labels and patches

Visit my favorite online skate shop or tell your core shop you need this bag

Valentino Garavani – Camouflage backpack


Now I threw this little gem in here to see if you are paying attention! Yes it’s a backpack but its no better than the rest and at a price tag of $2,295.00! Even if you have $2k to spend on a bag, why the hell would you? It’s a bag to carry your shit around!! Seriously folks! There is no diamonds or gold plating and I highly doubt it has a warranty. I would be surprised if it even lasted a month with all the traveling I do. But hey, the rich and famous like to waste money… so here it is when you hit the lottery?

Giving Shape – Boompack


Now this is def not a travel bag, however it is pretty damn cool! Think back to the 80’s when you lugged around a boom box. Yeah those days are gone and replaced with the boompack. Basically a portable stereo system that would be great for bike rides to the beach or a day at the park with 100 watts of power!

Technical specification :
# Eight ways speaker, 100 watt sound power, Built-in rechargeable battery with 6 hours operative and power adapter, 32 Gb internal memory,  Sd card expandable memory, Usb plug, rca plug and 6,35mm mic plug, Bluetooth, Smartphone internal docking station, Pico projector with 200 lumen luminosity and 100 degree oriental lens, Front and back remote control, Auto-sync with one or more Boompacks, Impact resistant composite hard case, Adjustable shoulder straps, Self standing, Water resistant, 7,5 Kg weight.

Sorry folks this is still in the concept design…

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