Psycho Sports Cartel – More than Sprockets


What started out as a FMX parts manufacturer has lead into one of the biggest names in the motorcross world. We had a chance to talk to owner Vince D’Ambrose and take some shots at there hidden PSC Compound in Las Vegas over the week. Vince told us about the growth and how he envisions Psycho Sports Cartel to be in every market place around the world. His company has already placed cartels in places like Sweden, Australia and the USA.

This isn’t a corporate thing but a individuals dream to make quality parts and now apparel for riders that want customization to their bikes in a style that fits motorcross and it’s riders.

Over the last year or so they added footwear to their expanding apparel division and from Vince told us, it’s a en-devour they are pleased they ventured into to. Sales are flooding and people are really liking the footwear part of PSC. We got a chance too peep out a pair and the quality and embroidery aspect of the kicks looks and feels amazing! Unfortunately they were sold out of our size (Damn it!). Doesn’t mean you cant have them shipped directly to your door… I highly suggest you grab a pair!

Back to the body kits for PSC Motorcross is out this world with designs for basically every worth wild bike on the planet including years from 1997 to present day. This includes models of 125cc to 450cc. The ever expansive graphics just keep growing. One of our favorite graphics from Psycho Sports Cartel hands down is the Psycho Sports Cartel x Blackflys graphic.blackflys - psc body graphicKnowing all my readers are like enough with the deets and 411. We wanna see the ladies!

Well Lets get on with the clothing, whats there anyway and on with the bodacious American ladies that have long legs, machine guns and dirt bikes!

Jessie Deville

Amber Smith
PSC Model Amber Smith


Erika Pringle
PSC Model Erika Pringle
Tiana Bailey
PSC Model Tiana Bailey


Amber Smith
PSC Model Amber Smith