Obey – A New Generation of Fashion

Obey Snapbacks

What started out as street art and propaganda has now become the industry leader in fashion and style.

OBEY Clothing is a popular streetwear producing company founded in 2001 by street artist and illustrator Shepard Fairey as an extension to his work in activism.

There isn’t a medium that you can come across and not see Obey. From ever facet of the globe people have been trying to copy or facilitate the trend to match their own brands. Nothing compares to the simple logo and design.

It’s one of the premier brands that has no genre boundaries. We have seen the rise from all walks of life, including the adult industry. Using the phrase and logos as censorship tools, increasing the brands visibility without even showing the gear.

Oh sure there are a few out there that have the same feel and genre breaking apparel but none have lasted as long as Obey  has.

In this writer’s opinion, with everything going wrong in the world with social decline. Brands like Obey  are needed to bring people together. Sure why not? Think that everyone from skateboarding, punk rock, tattoo industry and more all wearing a message of activism.

Obey Beanie

OBEY incorporates designs into their products that are commonly perceived as controversial or anti-establishment orientated. Many items have symbols that reflect communist styled propaganda which are laid against a backdrop of additional artwork that is generally associated with Capitalism, guildism and Secret society. This portrayal of diametric opposites (opposite extremes) creates a unique form of expression. The company also produces products that artistically depict political controversy, often by using provocative imagery that the media or society generally associates with it. Due to the designers incorporating so many controversial or contradictory topics into a single clothing print, those who look at them are often left to make completely undirected interpretations of the piece and its connotations.

                                                                     –Taken from Wiki



Obey is more than a printed tee, they have grown into a fashion trademark. Producing high quality Women’s and Men’s clothing. Considering their market place, based out of Los Angeles. You would expect to find a higher price tag for such style. They keep the prices affordable for the everyday working aficionado. No need to break your pocket book on style when you can look as good as the competitors.

Take a minute and browse the Obey ‘Summer 2016 Lookbook’ you might just find a few pieces that fit right into your closet.

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