Pokemon Go – Addiction


PokeMon Go got released to the United States only about a week ago and I’m hooked! I looked and scoured the internet for all kinds of reference materials to help me along the way, they are so fucking vague that I decided I would play it and learn from experience. This is my tips and tricks (maybe off, still learning!)

First of all let’s talk battery. Yeah, this shit drains the fuck out of your battery! No matter what you have read, there is NO work around. So downloading your area offline maps does not help 1 bit! I have a average of 14hr battery use with all the social media and internet use……. until I started playing this game. The use of your GPS and Graphics processor is the culprit. I will eat you ALIVE. I’m now down to 4 hrs if lucky. Brings me to another point. In order to get notifications of near by PokeMon, you have to have the app open to register. Why? Because you have to have a constant GPS signal. That kills battery life. So forget it. If you are gonna play, you are gonna lose battery!

Tips I’ve learned this far.

  1. CP doesn’t mean shit! I spent tons of resources to bring a PokeMon up to a decent CP to find out that their attacks are crap!! Before you power up, check their attack ratios. Thats where the money is. Took me 3-4 days to figure out why my high CP Golbat was getting his ass kicked by a weaker CP PokeMon.
  2. Reserve your PokeBalls! Now unless you are living next to a PokeStop or are a big baller and buying coins. In the beginning I was catching EVERYTHING! Then I started running out of balls. If you live next to a church or strip club and dont wanna walk everywhere. Start saving that shit because your only gonna be catching the same crap over and over (it does help with getting candy, if you transfer it to the professor).
  3. There will be LAG! One trick I did learn because the servers and the lag on the system is so great and honestly thought I was loosing my items because I had to restart 100 times a day. Don’t trip! In my experience, if you have to restart, no matter what you were loosing. It will still be there when It’s restarting.
  4. Turn your AR off! Like discussed earlier, turn certain shit off unless you are someplace really fucking dope! We have all seen the stripper photo and that shit is worth it! Other wise turn it off and save some damn battery…. you will thank me later for it!
  5. Teams…… I don’t give a fuck what team you are on! You either are on the same team or you are fighting one another. If you look oat our logo, I will always choose a phoenix. Go #TEAMVALORE

Links to great strategy guides



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