Agenda Long Beach


Agenda Show is the key trade show for all lifestyle and actions sports. I have been attending Agenda for years and when I tell you it’s the local hang out for every pro skater and grom in the world. Agenda hits Long Beach CA twice a year along with Las Vegas and Miami throughout the year, giving everyone a chance to experience and buy from all that display. Now I have been to Las Vegas, in which I probably never return. It didn’t consist of any skate or surf, which is why I go. It did have a bit of high end fashion, but I’m a board shorts and sandal man myself. Miami I heard runs the same fashion. So if your looking for the pros and the latest in skate and surf, Long Beach is the spot!

This year we did notice a fall in attendees. Reason being is because Agenda has made it harder and harder to get in every year. I was fortunate enough to get my driver into the show (being her first time). After talking with some of my sponsors like Black Flys, who is the leading lifestyle brand, sunglass manufacturer. They too had difficulty in getting people pass the door. Now we understand the reason behind the tight security but come on, this is our lifestyles event and hang out. Half of us get stuck behind a desk or out on tour. It’s the ideal place where we can all meet and have a few beers and talk story.

Agenda Day 1 – Like all trade shows. You get checked in, grab a bag and start your journey through the aisle ways of countless brands and distributors. My first stop was to go see Consolidated Skateboards and the family at They had a care package of promotional stickers and giveaways waiting for me. Not too mention some harmless gambling (Birdo took all my cash, bastard!).

Checked out a few more things like the Primitive, Famous and Osiris. Like I said earlier there were less and less of the people I’ve come to see there. I was hoping to talk story with Jeremy Klien and Hook Ups. However I did get to meet the pioneer of skater owned, Pierre André Senizergues. Owner and CEO of Sole Technology. Who told us that no matter the fight, they will “keep pushing to keep skateboarding in the hands of skaters”.

The main booth I had to stop by was The Skateboarding Magazine. Primarily because the man himself was there, Grant Brittain. We sat for a few minutes and he gave up about 10 issues of the new 150th issue and invited us to The Berrics for the After Party on day 2. I will get to that later on in the post.

Stopped by and watched the 100′ Flat bar contest ( its wasn’t a flat bar, by the way) hosted by Transworld. Tons of amazing riders trying to hit this thing!

Only one person grinded the whole thing during the contest (Eric “Buddha” Jones) but lots of over-50-foot grinds of all sorts went down. Cheers to Jamie Foy who took first, Dylan Williams in second, and Jack Olson in third. Ricta wheels gave out $100 each for the longest crooked grind (Chris Troy), longest 50-50 (Eric Jones), and longest feeble (Elijah).

After roaming around for a bit we ran into some old friends from Black Flys, Moe Sim and Akira Kinoshita. After a few beers and story with everyone at Agenda we retired back to our hotel and got ready for the Black Flys after party featuring Inhale and about 6 other bands at The Blacklight District punk bar. Now I could really go on and on about all the bands but I was pretty hammered by the time I got there and my mind def wasn’t on work mode. So I rolled with the crew had a dozen too many drinks and partied way too hard with the Black Flys family! Eventually I made it back to the hotel and a exhausting day. I passed out…..

Agenda Day 2 – Waking up too day two was horrendous. Hang over city! After some of the hair of the dog, I managed to get my ass up and off to The Board Toss sponsored by Acid Drop Skateboards. Something kinda kool about companies giving back to the kids in the area. We threw out 7 decks and some of them flew as far as across the street. Now as I said I was super hung over and just wanted to find a pillow and rest. The boys from the previous night, yeah they know how to party! So I headed off to the hotel and crash for a few hours before The Skateboard Magazine’s 150th issue party at The Berrics.

Rested I did. We headed out from Long Beach to Los Angeles for the after party, which if you have never been to The Berrics. It’s a pain in the ass to find. Super secret training facility that even google maps has a hard time finding. I have to take a sec and thank Grant Brittain and Clayton Gabor for the invite and helping us find this place. It was loaded to the gill with all the photography members as well as a full house of skaters. I did run into Gary Rogers at the gate and mentioned not to let his Nike wearing ass in (we all damn well know Gary don’t rock no Nike’s!)!

All in all it was a great trip and couldn’t have done it without our sponsor Acid Drop Skateboards. I finished the night and headed back to the hotel for some rest because my trip wasn’t over….. I still had 3 days in sunny San Diego, but that’s for another story.


Special thanks to Holly Hammond for putting up with me for a few days in Long Beach! Much Love, next trip is Las Vegas….stay tuned!



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