Tony lands the 900 17 years later

We all know the controversy between Hawk and Tas Pappas when it comes to the 900.  If you asked me my opinion on who was better when it came to vert back then. I’d tell you to piss of, its about the street!

Now that im in my forties, I wish I would have learned vert and saved my knees. Although watching the footage from that time era and have skated with Hawk in Kansas right when he was building Birdhouse. I would have to say Pappas was a much better vert skater with tricks that were just off the hook at the time!

Tas did eventually fullfill his goal (see video below). I have to admit, it’s a inspiration! After all the drugs and jail, he came back and succeeded! That takes alot of will power and hard work, where Hawk has been in the game the whole time and has only landed one other 900. Took 17 yrs but he did it at the age of 48. I say bravo!

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