Smutty Life of Smutlife Brand

A quick glimpse into the world of Smutlife Brand.

I’m gonna have to tell you, reading this. I’m bias when it comes to Smutlife Brand. I have been with this small based company out of New Jersey for almost 2 years. So when I tell you I love the brand, It’s because “I REALLY LOVE THE BRAND!”

When Alex Starr (Owner) approached me to ride for the brand first, I was all in. It wasn’t til then I knew the full scale of what this Unapologetic, RAWUNCUT brand really was. To me at first it was just another sponsor. I’ve had many over the years but nothing like this. Not only did I get engulfed in a world of ‘Pinups & Pornstars’ but I got packages of the finest tees and lids on the planet! Until you rock a Smutlife tee you have no idea how comfy they are.

The brand has many different factions to it’s line. Including Creeper Crew and X-Rated Rookie. So with that being said. Let’s talk about the brand.

Smutlife is a modern lifestyle brand for both men & women.  Inspired by the gritty rawness of NYC and an array of urban sub-cultures, the brand encapsulates a timeless yet rebellious attitude derived from the streets.

“I grew up in an era where skateboarding, graffiti and hip hop essentially began to influence everything in fashion.  I believe that there will always been an appetite for something aggressive, sexy, and acceptably crass.  And the Smutlife brand represents that to a T.”

The idea behind Smutlife is to always stay true and uninhibited in life.  “Too many people try to fake the funk anymore.  I’ve never been a fan of the bullshit.  I like to think I’ve stayed pretty true to my roots and believe that when it comes to living life you should try to have fun.  Stay young and keep it real with yourself.”

-Alex Starr on SMUTLIFE – One Hundred Percent Raw & Uncut.


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