The Break up in Skateboarding


So we all have read the Jenkem Magazine article with Mike Carroll. So this is our view after reading it and the snipets from Daewon Song, not to mention all the gossip in the feeds.

First off Marc was against corporate skateboarding for many years, so the change has upset the masses including us. We understand people have mortgages, wive(s), kids and a shit load of bills. Seriously though, skateboarding was a lifestyle and now that it’s a career. Things have changed. Insurance costs to stay in the game and the taste of blood, I mean money is sweet. So jumping ship to Addidas is about money! No matter how you play it as Marc said… “I can do more projects.” That shit means more money. Come on, think about it. You are with a company for many years. Something like 15 or more and the company is struggling to fight the corporate entities like Nike and Addidas. What do you do? Sure bail for that big check because there will be no more “Skater Owned” brands left …… so why not?

Here’s our point of view. Skateboarding might get as big as a national/world sport but what if it crashes? Better yet, once all the corporate brands have devoured every skater worth. What will they do? Lets play this out. Only the corporate’s exist and no skater owned brands….. They can cut pay, fire/lay you off and more. Why? Because where the fuck will you go???? There’s no one left! They will not only own you, but your future!

Now lets get back to Marc! If what Carroll says is even 75% true. Marc did Chocolate Skateboards wrong. No matter what the termination agreement was. I have faith paid into Addidas not giving a choice (only because I still believe in unicorns). He had or they had already made up there mind to do it. Even if he said no.  Everything is in speculation and only Marc knows the truth of it. It’s still a bull shit move regardless and the timing was perfect for only one company! Addidas.

We did laugh our ass off when he said “Your kicked off Chocolate ad im not even gonna tell you, you have to read it here!”

Leave a comment below on how fell about the break up!

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