Welcome to the revolution, Reborn

first webzine cover 2011

Well it’s been about 3-4 years since we have been back…… We wanna especially thank everyone’s letters and posts asking us back and to rebuild. We hear your call and will do our best to bring all the Skate Porn and news you can handle!

Currently we are looking for new hosting and sponsors to drive the site and get into all the events you wanna see. First set of appearances, while relaunching is Acid Drop Bowl Bash in Las Vegas and Rob Zombie/Korn as well as some debauchery with all our favorite skaters and models in Sin City!

We are looking forward to keeping SG Mag alive with your support.

 Radeo We ask the question. Would you ink your tatas? Body mods on the rise and more and more women are inking their nipples……….


 dailyfluff DAILY FLUFF

Featuring some of the hottest new models from all genres. Stay Tuned for Daily Fluff!!



 93912118 Acid Drop TV isn’t just about skateboarding! It’s about lifestyle……. Let us tell you it’s gonna be the hardest shit out there and there’s no RULES!!

Skateboarding, Music, Porn Clips and a grip of satire that you don’t wanna open in front of your mother!!

Sponsored by Acid Drop Skateboards

 bcpnews-how-much-porn-did-baltimore-watch-during-the-blizzard-a-lot-20160129  You bet your ass we are apart of Pornhub!! So are a lot of the cats these days in the skateboard world, well at least the ones who are not scared of parental consent. Look for our editor adding tons of skate and porn to his profile….